All Hail the Glow Cloud.
I'm called Ferbalina, but people call me Ferb. If you are not people but are, in fact, Leela, you can call me Ferbalina. I'm very much into the Classic Doctor Who. Like, I've fallen deeply into the EU. It's scary.

"They say I'm cocky, and I say 'What?' it ain't braggin motherfucker if you back it up" +
Hey I'm curious Reblog this, and put a tick next to your favorite Doctor. I am curious to see who's the most popular
First Doctor (William Hartnell):
Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton: ||
Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee):
Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker): ||
Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison):
Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker): |
Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy):
Eighth Doctor (Paul Mgann):
War Doctor (John Hurt):
Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston): |
Tenth Doctor (David Tennant): ||
Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) |
and tick here if you are excited for Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi): | | | | | |

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guess what i watched in Yellowstone?


oh my gosh guys you didn’t tell me how awesome it was i just came for the liz shaw and everything was AWESOME 

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hey guys! i’ve started work on this project here and if you’d like to help in any way (or if you want to know more) message me?”

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I’m in an area of the states covered by WiFi, Salt Lake City. This is insane and I’m tired and tomorrow we’re staying at the MGM Grand in Vegas and I’m excited about that but at the same time: ugh my parents are insufferable in Vegas

but yes i’m back and i’m gonna start work on my secret project now

My hair is too fluffy HELP

I think I just found an alt for the 50th anniversary clara dress I’m so happy

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I shouldn’t be allowed to read dr who books because I squeal when people do cute things like Benton just leaned over and started reading Jo’s guidebook to some African country and then ended up taking over the reading, and he’s not even vacationing, she is

what a dork I want twelve

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WHAT did I miss

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Made it to Yellowstone… No internet.

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Today’s gender of the day is: pug puppy being blow-dried

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