↳ Make a TARDIS out of things you can find in your room!

  • I can’t. I literally can’t. 
I’m sitting in a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and there’s no way to make a TARDIS out here. It’s the first time I’ve had to opt out of a day and it’s the last day and ugh you caught me at a bad time my friends


↳ Who is your favorite Doctor Who-related tumblr that isn’t us?

  • No, here is a problem. I love everyone. 
Seriously, follow everyone who’s involved with Classic Who. They’re hilarious and will convert you. But, I guess if you need a list or a few I recommend, hit up pattroughton, zagreus-taking-time-apart, charleytimelord, and afixwithsontarans!


↳ Show us your best Doctor Who cosplay but you can only use things you can find in your closet. 

  • hahahahahahahahhaha
The joke here is that, well, I keep all my cosplay in my closet… SO I WIN! Here’s me as Shada!Romana and the Sixth Doctor! I would have been Ace and Clara also, but that was breaking the rules, as Ace’s jacket hangs outside the closet so I can update it when I need to and Clara’s skirt was hanging for my ceiling fan before I turned it on… oops?


↳ What’s your favorite Doctor Who art? Make sure to give the artist credit if it’s not yours!

It’s no secret that I have a thing for the Rani, but this is my favorite piece of art with her in it at all so woo!!


↳ Take a picture of something in real life that you think could be from Doctor Who.

  • This pile of junk
That’s just… All my Dr who stuff


↳ What would your Time Lord name be? The Magician? The Carpenter?

  • Isn’t my name good enough? I mean, everyone calls me “Ferb”

MILD CURIOSITY IN A JUNKYARD, A DOCTOR WHO FANMIX. — {LISTEN HERE} (feat. a song for each companion)

The First Doctor - Lonesome Travellers by Marianne Faithfull. Susan Foreman - Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. Barbara Wright - Got to Get You Into My Life by the Beatles. Ian Chesterton - Company by An Horse. Vicki Pallister - I Follow Rivers by LykkeLi. Steven Taylor - Satellite by Guster. Dodo Chaplet - Hideaway by the Weepies. Katarina - Pompeii by Bastille. Sara Kingdom - Afterlife by Arcade Fire. Ben Jackson -  I’ve Just Seen a Face by The Beatles. Polly Wright - Duchess by the Stranglers. The Second Doctor - The Universe is Going to Catch You by The Antlers. Jamie McCrimmon - Dust on the Ground by Bombay Bicycle Club. Victoria Waterfield - My Heart is Split by Kait Kerrigan. Zoe Heriot - Wanted by Vanessa Carlton. The Third Doctor - Fiery Crash by Andrew Bird. The Brigadier - The Last Thing on My Mind by the Seekers. Liz Shaw - She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby. John Benton - Strangers by the Kinks. Mike Yates - Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane. Josephine Grant - When You’re Smiling by Doris Day. Sarah Jane Smith - Shining Light by Ash. The Fourth Doctor - Arriving UFO by Yes. Harry Sullivan - Substitute by Frank Turner. Leela of the Sevateem - Dust to Dust by the Civil Wars. K-9 - K9 on a Mission by Paddy Kingsland. Romana I - She’s a Genius by Jet. Romana II - All the Colors by Angus & Julia Stone. Adric - The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future by Los Campesinos!. Nyssa of Traken - Shine On by the Kooks. Tegan Jovanka - Far Away by Ingrid Michaelson. The Fifth Doctor - Crystal Ball by Keane. Vislor Turlough - I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish by the Smiths. Kamelion - Mr. Roboto by Styx. Peri Brown - 1983 by Neon Trees. The Sixth Doctor - Don’t You Want Me by the Human League. Melanie Bush - Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. The Seventh Doctor - Magic Man by Heart. Ace McShane - Kate is Great by the Bouncing Souls. The Eighth Doctor - Hello Sadness by Los Campesinos!. Grace Holloway - Buddy Holly by Weezer. The Ninth Doctor - The Wanderer by Johnny Cash. Rose Tyler - Flickers by London Grammar. Captain Jack Harkness - Zombie by Cranberries. The Tenth Doctor - Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand. Martha Jones - Travelling Woman by Bat for Lashes. Donna Noble - Runaway Runaway by Duran Duran. The Eleventh Doctor - Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk. Amelia Pond - Hot Mess by Cobra Starship. Rory Williams - Seaside by the Kooks. River Song - . Clara Oswald - 400 Lux by Lorde

↳ What songs would appear on your Doctor Who playlist? Make us a mixtape!


↳ Name a planet that you’d like to visit in the TARDIS. Maybe you’d like to go to the planet the planet of slightly over-inflated beach balls, let us know!

"It’s the Traken Union. Famous for its universal harmony A whole empire held together by… Well, by people just being terribly nice to each other.”. Keeper of Traken is one of my favorite episodes, and Nyssa is one of my favorite characters, so obviously I’d love to visit Traken. But, the Master took that away from us all……….. damn


↳ Think of the last movie you saw. Would the protagonist be a good companion? Or maybe they’d be the villain?

  • Notting Hill, leaving me with William Thacker as the protagonist who would make an AWESOME Craig-like companion. 
Will was just an ordinary man who worked in a travel bookshop and just so happened to be married to a woman who was the biggest movie star of their generation. His life was as relatively normal as it could get, until a strange man with stars in his eyes barged in to the shop one afternoon asking for a book on some place called “Deva Loka” and then looking confused when they didn’t have it in stock. When the Cybermen attacked London the next week, William teams up with the Doctor to make them leave, and he declines the Doctor’s offer of travel, because he’s having a child with his wife soon. The Doctor is disappointed, but visits for tea sometimes, and always seems to buy a book from the store when he’s over. 


What’s your favorite Doctor Who-related youtube video?

  • "The Fifth Doctor Teaches You How To Dougie" by koloSigma1 on YouTube
This is the greatest video ever made. I watch it whenever I’m down, and I find that I can’t quit laughing. So, yes, you should watch it. Now.